Is Your Home Ready for Split-System Air Conditioner Installation?

14 March 2019
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When you buy many types of appliances, you just take the device home and plug it in, and it's good to go. This is not the case when you buy a split-system air conditioner. The unit will be placed in the wall of the chosen room, with its external component mounted on an exterior wall, so it's not a case of simply plugging the device in. You can make the installation process much easier by preparing your home. Read More 

A Cool Night’s Sleep: Choosing an Air Conditioner for Your Bedroom

15 January 2019
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Australia experienced an extended bout of temperature extremes towards the end of 2018, with some areas experiencing temperatures of up to 14 C higher than average. It's hot enough during the day, but the nighttime doesn't always offer a cool break. Temperature extremes might be out of the ordinary, and yet they're common enough to make the prospect of trying to get a good night's sleep a daunting prospect during the hotter months of the year. Read More 

Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

13 November 2018
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Air conditioning is a useful tool to have in the summer, especially in Australia. Averagely, many households spend around $3742-$7219 for air conditioning installation. This price quote, however, is for a central air conditioning unit rather than a window A/C that costs around $300. However, the final invoice for installation entirely depends on the type of air conditioner unit you choose. Continue reading to learn about different systems you can choose between. Read More 

Why It Makes Sense to Upgrade Your Home’s Air Conditioning

8 August 2018
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If you live in an older home, you will understand how important it is to keep up with maintenance and to make sure that all of your appliances and installations are fit for purpose. Consequently, to keep your budget on schedule it may be time to consider an upgrade to your home air conditioning system, as it's been many years since you did so and it has surely seen its better days. Read More 

4 Top Tips for Cleaing Solar Panels

24 April 2018
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Installing solar panels on the roof of your home can help to cut your household energy bills. However, being a solar panel owner also comes with some maintenance responsibilities. Cleaning your solar panels regularly can help them to work as effectively as possible, helping you to save as much money as you can whenever the sun shines. 1. Gather Suitable Cleaning Tools It is very important to use the right tools to clean your solar panels. Read More