Signs the Icing Machine Has Become Too Old

22 October 2019
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Machines such as the commercial fridges add value to people's lives and comfort to their homes, offices and business premises. However, they wear down and get old over time. Every fridge has a warranty date, but it can last past the date given if proper maintenance is given. A professional technician in commercial refrigeration should inspect your fridge to tell you when it should be cleaned or repaired or if it's too old to be replaced. Read More 

Features And Placement Tips For Your New Air Conditioner

27 September 2019
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An air conditioner helps to keep your home comfortable so that you can relax even on the hottest days. With a multitude of models and features, it can be challenging to know where to start with residential air conditioning installation. Here are several options to consider and tips on the best location for the unit. Person-Sensitive Some air conditioners have a feature that can sense whether a person is in the room. Read More 

Why an A/C Retrofit Could Be a Great Investment

16 May 2019
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If you have an older home and are considering a renovation of some kind, you may be figuring out how to best spend the money available. If yours is one of the thousands of Australian homes that still feature an old-fashioned air conditioning method, then you would be best advised to look at a significant upgrade here. Over and above the improvements to your lifestyle, this type of work would definitely improve the value of your home, but what are the factors to consider? Read More 

Is Your Home Ready for Split-System Air Conditioner Installation?

14 March 2019
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When you buy many types of appliances, you just take the device home and plug it in, and it's good to go. This is not the case when you buy a split-system air conditioner. The unit will be placed in the wall of the chosen room, with its external component mounted on an exterior wall, so it's not a case of simply plugging the device in. You can make the installation process much easier by preparing your home. Read More 

A Cool Night’s Sleep: Choosing an Air Conditioner for Your Bedroom

15 January 2019
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Australia experienced an extended bout of temperature extremes towards the end of 2018, with some areas experiencing temperatures of up to 14 C higher than average. It's hot enough during the day, but the nighttime doesn't always offer a cool break. Temperature extremes might be out of the ordinary, and yet they're common enough to make the prospect of trying to get a good night's sleep a daunting prospect during the hotter months of the year. Read More