Signs the Icing Machine Has Become Too Old

22 October 2019
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Machines such as the commercial fridges add value to people's lives and comfort to their homes, offices and business premises. However, they wear down and get old over time. Every fridge has a warranty date, but it can last past the date given if proper maintenance is given. A professional technician in commercial refrigeration should inspect your fridge to tell you when it should be cleaned or repaired or if it's too old to be replaced. Although some commercial fridges develop some problems before they are halfway through the warranty, others fail when they get too old. So how do you know when your fridge is too old to use in your business? Read on!

Unusual Noises

Most commercial fridges produce weird noises when their evaporator coils are clogged up or when the compressor is defective. Although cleaning the clogged evaporator is easy, working on a faulty compressor is trickier. Most compressors lose their cooling ability due to grease, hair, dust and dirt build-up. You know age is behind your inefficient fridge if you usually call in a refrigeration technician to maintain your commercial fridge every 90 days, but still produces some hissing sounds when running. Replace your fridge if it leaks and sweats or produces hissing sounds.

Temperature Issues

A well-maintained fridge should cool down the bottle drinks preserved inside. However, a fridge fails to do so when it has developed some temperature problems. Whether you are in the retail or grocery or restaurant industry, you should timely fix the cooling unit's temperatures to avoid fluctuations. Don't rule out that your commercial fridge is too old before a competent expert in commercial refrigeration has assessed the appliance. You know your fridge is getting old if it has some gasket wear and tear signs. A fridge with a worn-out gasket doesn't seal completely when closed. A blocked vent causes incorrect temperatures, making the fridge inefficient and unreliable.

Power Fluctuations or Fluxes

Your fridge won't be powered up properly or be cooled as expected if age is catching up with it. Repairing an old fridge isn't economical sometimes, and that's why it should be replaced. Ensure the power switch isn't off to avoid power fluctuations. Your commercial fridge experiences some power problems when the power cord isn't plugged-in properly all the way. If the power switch and power cord aren't the culprits for power fluctuations and the fridge isn't cooling your perishable substances, it has probably reached its end.

Everyone expects their commercial fridge to function forever, but this just remains a fantasy. The efficiency of your fridge decreases with age, and this is a bullet you must bite. Providing regular maintenance doesn't mean your fridge won't get old and become inefficient. However, you should be able to tell when your fridge fails due to old age so you can replace it in good time.

For more information, contact a commercial refrigeration company.