A Cool Night's Sleep: Choosing an Air Conditioner for Your Bedroom

15 January 2019
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Australia experienced an extended bout of temperature extremes towards the end of 2018, with some areas experiencing temperatures of up to 14 C higher than average. It's hot enough during the day, but the nighttime doesn't always offer a cool break. Temperature extremes might be out of the ordinary, and yet they're common enough to make the prospect of trying to get a good night's sleep a daunting prospect during the hotter months of the year. If you've made the decision to install an air conditioner in your bedroom, if only to bring the temperature down to a level comfortable enough to ensure some decent shut-eye, what's the best unit for your needs?

Keeping Things Quiet

A lot of your end decision is going to be motivated by your budget, but there are some units that are better for bedrooms than others. There's no universal classification for the feature (it depends on what the respective manufacturers have decided to call it), but you should be looking for units that are designed to operate as quietly as possible. While the room might be cool, sleep can be problematic with the roar of the unit's compressors and fans in an enclosed space. This is why smaller units designed for quiet operation are the best choice for a bedroom.

The Most Suitable Units

A large, split system central air conditioner is a great choice for cooling an entire home, but in terms of their cost and the required installation, they're not the best bet for a bedroom. So what are some better choices?

  • A ductless, single unit air conditioner built directly into the wall can quickly and comprehensively cool your bedroom. Since a portion of the wall needs to be removed, professional air conditioning installation is required. Because the area to be cooled is minimal, you can have efficient cooling when using the unit on a lower setting, reducing its energy consumption and noise.
  • A window-mounted air conditioner can usually be installed yourself, but its suitability is determined by your window configuration since the unit needs to be mounted in a window frame that allows the window to close atop it, creating a seal of sorts. Some swinging windows cannot accommodate a window-mounted unit.

So if your bedroom is more like a sauna than a place of rest, perhaps it's time to finally install a suitable air conditioner in there to put an end to your nighttime sweltering.