Why Your Air Conditioning System Needs to Be Fully Operational before You Think of Selling Your Home

15 June 2017
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Some people simply cannot abide the thought of living in a climate that is too cold. They may say that their blood is "thin" and they simply have to have some form of heat at all times. These people wouldn't be too disappointed by living in Australia, of course, but equally they may not like the idea of artificial cooling either. If this is you and you're in the market to sell the home that you live in, why should you be worried about air conditioning especially? Will you be able to sell the home without it or with a malfunctioning system?

Passing The Air Quality Test

Always remember, that a home inspection is mandatory whenever a buyer is trying to get finance to purchase your property. They won't be able to qualify for a mortgage or loan without this type of report. The inspector is going to check the number of mould spores that are circulating in the property against recommended levels. They will compare the average value inside to whatever's outside in your street. Will your property pass the air quality test?

If your air conditioning is not working properly, or you simply choose not to use it, then mildew and mould will likely be found in elevated quantities inside. The inspector will report on this and it could be a red flag for your deal.

Making It Worse

Whenever humidity levels rise substantially during the hot months, mildew and mould will thrive. The situation can certainly be exacerbated if you tend to draw the shades to keep the glare of the sun out during the day. Bacteria will definitely thrive in darker and damper places.

Risking Health

Inspectors are so concerned about these levels because contamination can cause flu-like symptoms in even the healthiest of adults. If somebody happens to have an immune system that is compromised, or has particular problems with asthma or hayfever, then they will likely be significantly affected by the conditions inside your house.

Not Pleasing Visitors Or Family

Remember, not everybody will share your affection for hot conditions at all times. Even if a potential buyer would, it's likely that the home inspector would produce an adverse report, which could definitely affect whether a deal manages to go through or not. As a consequence, make sure that you have a fully functioning air conditioning system before you even think about putting your home on the market.