What Can Residential Electrical Contractors Assist With?

23 June 2017
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Electrical systems and components can run into problems from time to time and require the services and expertise of electrical contractors. The maintenance and installation of electrical components is a multimillion dollar industry covering a wide range of different projects and disciplines. In this article we'll take a look at the role of electrical contractors and the type of work they are able to carry out. 

What Do Electrical Contractors Do?

There are a number of different electrical contractors, each specialising in one or several areas. For example, high voltage projects will usually be undertaken by line electrical contractors who mainly work outdoors. This work may involve completing projects and maintenance at power stations to ensure electricity is being delivered to homes and businesses. Electrical contractors working indoors will likely help with domestic and commercial projects such as electrical installation, ongoing maintenance and cable design. The latest innovations in energy and technology have also opened up new fields to electrical contractors, such as energy efficient electrical installation, wireless networks and backup power systems. 

What Do Residential Electrical Contractors Do?

Most residential electrical contractors will work independently on small jobs or on behalf of a builder, carrying out work when required on a large or medium-sized project. Working together with the home owner and the builder, the electrical contractor can work on a number of projects around the home including electrical installation, adding sockets and installing lights. The builder will usually call an electrician in at the start of the job to discuss what works are required and call them back to carry out the work once renovation or new build work has been completed to a certain level. Electrical contractors can also assist with safety issues that may occur around the home, such as faulty wiring which can pose a fire risk. They can also carry out periodical electrical testing across the electrical circuit to ensure everything is running as it should and on the right voltage. 

The home owner can also make sure that he has electrical outlets everyplace he may need them, and that he has light switches that are easy for him to access. If a residential electrical contractor does his job correctly, there will be little need for further electrical work in the home since the home owner will have a place to plug everything in and since the wiring will work well without a problem.