Zoning to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system

20 February 2018
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HVAC systems have been getting upgrades and improvements in the past few years. The products which are available in the market are state of the art. However, not all the products which have been rated as smart are as reliable as they should be. It is important to consult experts in air conditioning installation before investing in a zoning system to ensure that it is the best investment for your needs. Below are essential tips and guidance on zoning.

Closed vents as a zoning method

This is one of the greatest fallacies which have been introduced to the world of zoning is that closing some vents helps improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. The areas where these vents are usually closed include dens, libraries, bedrooms and other rarely used corners of the home. The people who support this theory fail to understand that the HVAC system is designed with all these rooms in mind and that when one of the rooms is closed off, the overall efficiency of the entire system goes down.

The installation of zone dampers

The dampers are installed inside your ductwork. Their purpose is to control and regulate the air which flows into the different parts of the house. The dampers are controlled by the thermostats on when to close and open. By-pass dampers are also installed together with the actual dampers. Their purpose is to release the air pressure in certain parts of the home when the zones are closed. The dampers should be installed by HVAC experts so that that they are properly organised.

Checking the condition of the zone control panel

The control panel coordinates the dampers, the thermostats and the entire HVAC system. The control panel helps you dictate the temperatures you want to set for each room and other related conditions inside the home. It relays the information that you feed through the thermostat. The panel should be regularly checked because any glitches can lead to your entire system becoming a serious headache.

These are some of the things every homeowner needs to understand about the zoning process. It is recommended that you get a reliable HVAC expert to help with the installation and maintenance of all the equipment that makes a zoned HVAC system run smoothly. As long as you have a reliable expert to handle your HVAC related issues, you can be assured of cool and bearable summers and warm winters.