3 Tips to Help Make Your Ducted Air Conditioning Unit More Efficient

31 March 2020
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If you just installed a ducted air conditioner, the next thing to think about is how you will maintain it in good shape. Most people have no problem installing the AC system in their homes, but they hardly know what they should do to keep the appliance efficient and functional. With a ducted AC unit, you can decide the rooms to keep warm when others are cool since it helps you to create various zones. This means you can turn off some zones and bring energy consumption down.

If you don't maintain your ducted AC unit in good working condition, you might experience frequent replacement and repair costs, uneven cooling, hiked energy consumption and air contamination in your home. Keeping your ducted air conditioner in good shape requires you to do the following:

Don't Underrate Those Minor Repairs

Some people don't see the need to fix some AC problems urgently as long as the appliance is still working. If you realise that the efficiency and functionality of the AC unit have been affected in some ways, you should contact a competent technician to service it immediately. For instance, if one of your rooms doesn't cool off as it should, your appliance might have malfunctioned or developed a hole in its ductwork. If you don't repair the holes in the ductwork in good time, hazardous contaminants and operating expenses might increase. Any AC problem you delay to fix will cost you a lot of money and time later.

Let an AC Technician Inspect It Annually

An air conditioning technician should inspect your ducted air conditioner at least once annually to help it retain efficiency. During the inspection, the technician may discover some minor problems and fix them before they cause major breakdowns. They also determine if the unit's performance and efficiency are restricted in any way. If your air conditioner is old, the technician should inspect all its parts more keenly to identify some probable future repairs and help you prepare for them.

Keep the AC Filters Clean and Replace the Faulty Ones

When the filters of your ducted air conditioner are dirty or faulty, the unit doesn't function as it should. According to most ducted AC professionals, the filters should be changed or cleaned twice a year to boost the unit's efficiency. When replacing the filters, check the efficiency ratings of the new filters and choose those with the highest ratings. With good filters, contaminants and debris won't find their way into the house, and this means your family members won't get sick as often. Clean filters don't just help the ducted air conditioner to run efficiently, but they also help you enjoy a clean environment at home.

If you maintain your ducted air conditioner in good condition, you won't have to worry about escalated energy bills or recurring repair costs. A well-maintained air conditioner doesn't just boost your comfort levels, but it also makes your home a refuge when you can't withstand the heat outside.

For more information on ducted air conditioning, contact an HVAC contractor near you.