Preparing Your Home for a New Ducted Air Conditioning System

4 December 2020
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When looking to install an air conditioning unit for your home, you might be presented with the options of a ducted air conditioning unit and a ductless air conditioning system. The choice between these two systems depends on your air conditioning needs; your air conditioning unit specialist will help you make the right choice. 

  • Ducted air conditioning unit — this system comprises an outdoor unit that connects to a series of ducts installed in your ceiling, walls or floors. These ducts terminate in vents that emit cool or warm air as needed.
  • Ductless air conditioning system — this system comprises an outdoor unit and an indoor unit placed in the specific room you want to control the temperature. You can even come across a system that comes with multiple indoor units to be placed in multiple rooms.

Make the following preparations to ensure your ducted air conditioning system works optimally, does not consume a lot of power and remains durable.

Have the Ductwork Cleaned

Dust and debris can easily find their way inside your ductwork. Debris includes things like human hair, pet hair, rodent droppings and dead insects. You can tell that every time air passes through this space it might collect air contaminated by such debris, meaning you might be inhaling air that can cause respiratory problems. Your air conditioning unit may also collect air that has debris that can damage various components, meaning your air conditioning unit may require frequent repairs and might not serve you for a long time.

Additionally, debris-filled air can make your air conditioning unit work harder, meaning more power consumption and a higher likelihood of damage. Contact a professional duct cleaning specialist to vacuum your ductwork before the new air conditioning system is installed.

Home Electrical Wiring Inspection

Before a new ducted air conditioning system is installed, it is important to check whether the wiring in your home is compatible with the system. This includes checking whether the wiring is capable of supplying the electrical power required by your air conditioning system and whether there are risks of overloads that cause brownouts.

Brownouts are those situations where too much electricity is demanded, leading to a drop in voltage; this can lead to air conditioning unit damage. Contact a qualified and licensed electrician and inform him or her about the system you want to install. The electrical contractor is in a position to conduct the tests needed and make the electrical changes required.