3 Reasons to Regularly Change HVAC Filters

22 February 2021
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When you have a busy schedule, household maintenance can end up drifting to the bottom of the to-do list. Here are three reasons why regularly replacing the filters of a home HVAC system really matters. Take a look and then set a reminder in your calendar to replace your filters.

1. More Efficient Cooling and Heating

Filters work hard to remove pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens from the air that circulates in your home. In the process, they get clogged up with all the debris that they remove. Over time, this blockage can lead to a reduced amount of air circulating in your HVAC system.

Your home HVAC system tries to compensate for reduced airflow by working harder to deliver air to the parts of the home that require heating or cooling. The result is an increase in energy usage, which in turn leads to higher electric bills. Keep your heating and cooling costs low by replacing your filters on a regular schedule.

2. Avoid Airborne Health Hazards

Failing to replace your filters gives bacteria and mould an opportunity to thrive inside your HVAC unit. Mould spores can then travel through the ducts or vents and end up in the air that you breathe in, potentially leading to illness or making allergy sufferers experience severe symptoms. Protect your family's health by always changing your filters before they get damp and mouldy.

3. Increase the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

By replacing your filters before they become completely clogged with dust and other airborne debris, you can reduce wear and tear on your home air conditioning unit or home heating system. It is important not to let dust get into the mechanism of an air conditioning unit, as it can cause damage that reduces the usable lifespan of the unit. When you open the unit up to remove your filters, use a soft brush or handheld vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose dust and keep the unit as clean as possible.

Even if you are busy, it is worth replacing your filters on the schedule recommended by the manufacturer of your heating and cooling system. If you are not confident that you can replace the filters yourself, get in touch with a local HVAC service, whose technicians can not only replace the filters for you but also check the rest of the system to ensure all parts are working well.

To learn more, contact a local heating and cooling service.