Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning in a Home

8 November 2021
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If you want to cool multiple rooms in your house, why not consider ducted air conditioning? Here are several benefits.

Less Obtrusive than Alternatives

A ducted system has a central unit that might be built on the roof or elsewhere. This central system blows cold air through a network of ducts that travel through the roof cavity or the walls. From inside the rooms, the air-conditioning is relatively unobtrusive as all you'll see are the vents, often on the floors, that let the cold air inside. The alternatives are more intrusive. Single and multi-split systems require a bulky indoor unit in each room that needs to be cooled. These units are often set high on the wall in a prominent position. They're not nearly as sleek as vents.

Cools the Whole House

The benefit of a ducted system is that the network of tubes can extend to all the rooms in your house. As a result, you can cool everywhere, not just in specific rooms. To include an extra room in the system, the ducting just needs to be extended through the crawl space or walls to a vent in that area. Conversely, you need to install an indoor unit in each room you cool with a multi-split system. Typically, these systems only reach selected areas of your home unless you want to install many units everywhere. Thus, some rooms will miss out on the cooling breezes created by the air conditioner.

Zoned Control

You have centralised control of a ducted system, allowing you to easily manage your house's temperature. Adding flexibility, a zoned system lets you independently adjust the cooling in different regions of the house. You could include the bedrooms in one zone and cool them in the evening but not focus on them so much in the daytime.

The living areas could be in a different zone, and you could focus on these areas during the day. Zoned control allows you to use the cooling more efficiently as you can just concentrate on where the cooling is needed. You won't be constricted to a one-size-fits-all solution that forces you to cool all rooms equally.

Sleeker Room Decor

Because ducted systems are so sleek, they're better for your home's decor. After all, there's nothing particularly attractive about a bulky air conditioning unit hanging off the wall. All you'll need to concern yourself with is not placing furniture on top of floor vents. Besides that, you can arrange the rooms as you wish without any concern for the cooling system.