Why You Should Commit to Routine Boiler Servicing

20 January 2023
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Your boiler is a household essential that works quietly in the background to provide hot water. It's often the case that boilers fall to the back of homeowners' minds until there is something wrong with them. One way to ensure this isn't a problem you face is to commit to regular servicing. Here's why you should keep up with yours.

Identifying Faults

Over time, all boilers undergo strain that results in wear and tear. Boiler servicing involves detecting faults that aren't producing obvious symptoms. Catching them at the earliest opportunity gives your repair team the chance to prevent serious issues. Each part of your boiler needs to work alongside other parts to operate efficiently. When an engineer detects problems sooner rather than later, they may prevent incidents as serious as carbon monoxide leaks.

Better Lifespan

When an engineer first installs your boiler they'll probably give an idea of its expected lifespan. That lifespan may have a typical upper and lower limit, such as 10 to 15 years. If you want to reach the higher end of the lifespan and prevent costly replacements, regular servicing is crucial. Some issues that engineers find are small but have the potential to damage large parts of your boiler. When you address them early, your boiler should last longer.

Energy Efficiency

It's sometimes the case that small boiler malfunctions don't cause major issues. You might be able to tick along for years without addressing them, but that doesn't mean they come without a cost. Your boiler relies on lots of small parts working together in harmony. When one of those parts isn't pulling its weight, others need to compensate. Or, if a part is struggling to perform at optimal levels, it has to work harder. When any part of your boiler needs to work harder than normal, it requires more energy. As you're paying for that energy, you may notice your bills rising. It's often cheaper and less stressful to identify problems early as part of an annual service.

Legal Requirements

If you're a landlord or you have lodgers, you may have a legal obligation to maintain your boiler. Failing to get an annual service could breach your tenant's rights to access adequate heating. Additionally, if the boiler becomes dangerous, you may be liable for any harms your tenant suffers. If you do have a legal obligation to maintain your boiler, make sure you schedule it ahead of its due date. That way, any insurance that depends on your boiler functioning should remain valid.

For more information, contact a boiler servicing professional near you.